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  • Drinking water
  • Recycling of domestic water
  • Process industries (separation, recycling)
  • Sea water (e.g. ballast water, fish farming)

Oil & Gas

Other industries

  • Trilobite's system can recycle up to 90% of the water needed. Only 10% fresh water needed
  • It saves the truck-and car wash facilities 13 NOK per m3 of water
  • There are ca. 50,000 facilities in Europe

Large truck- and car washing

Water treatment

We separate microplastic from water

Applications and markets

  • Offshore water treatment
  • Treatment of engine oil, fuel and hydraulic oil
  • Mining 

Classification and concentration

  • Industrial processes (size categories)
  • Algae harvesting  

Medical laboratory processes

  • Blood analysis
  • Pretreatment of samples for diagnosis
  • Separating out parasites, viruses and bacteria
  • Other bodily fluids
  • Dialysis of blood
  • Of the 8,000 tons of micro plastics generated in Norway each year, about 50% ends up in the sea
  • Close to 30% originates from the wear on car tires, making this the single largest polluter of micro plastics
  • Trilobite is able to separate out heavy metals, polyaromatic hydrocarbons (‘PAH’) and other contaminants
  • There are over 900 road tunnels in Norway alone, the total length exceeds 750 km.  taking into account all roads and runoff from the tunnels, the total market in Norway alone is massive

Tunnel wash and road runoff water treatment

  • Trilobite technology is ideal for the separation of light particles from fluids, including microplastic from water
  • Tested and verified on plastic beads in lab scale and small scale
  • Applications:
    • Removing microplastic from drinking water
    • Removing microplastic from sewage treatment
    • Removing microplastic from street runoff
    • Pre-treatment of the water used in the food industry 
  • A solution to the complex problem originating with the plastic industry with a market cap of 568.9 Billion $ with a reach into almost all water treatment industries

Separating out micro plastics from water

  • Trilobite technology is ideal for treating  the sea water destined for desalination for drinking water and ballast water
  • It can remove all particles above 10 micrometers and 95% of all sediments and can handle large volume flowst.
  • The system is effective for separating out, purification and concentration of biological particles like bacteria and micro-organisms and small sediments as well
  • The size of ballast water treatment has been projected to be $ 38 billion by Frost & Sullivan, and the desalination market has been projected to reach $32 billion by 2025 by Adroit Market Research, ships being only a small part of that

Ballast water treatment and desalination on ships

  • Trilobite can recycle the water used for processing ore, in order to reduce the volume of water requiring treatment
  • It provides a combination of active and passive water treatment, combining manipulation of the water Ph and other properties with advanced hydrodynamic separation technology
  • It can recycle up to 95% of the water and can be used for Liquid-liquid separation (rare earth metal processing) 
  • It also carries out solid-liquid separation (hard mining operation)
  • The global mining water and waste water treatment market was valued at 4,730.2 million $ in 2018

Mining industry water treatment systems

  • Trilobite lab machine for use in research of fluid treatment 
  • A system for separation research within pharmaceutical, chemistry, and other process industries
  • Will enable researchers to invent new processes with Trilobite equipment and enable them to foresee the scale up of production
  • The laboratory equipment service market is projected to reach 17.7 billion $ by 2024

Lab module for research facilities