Microfluidics applications are becoming an established part of fluid treatment in large integrated microsystems. Future liquid treatment systems will be smarter, cheaper, more efficient and encapsulate several technology platforms. Microfluidics has entered the fluid processing marked as a novel technology to provide solutions adapted to market requirements.




Treatment of process water is important in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, brewing industry, mineral and mining industry and cosmetics industries. The technology can offer additional methodology in the purification systems to make process water treatment more cost efficient.


Shipping, Oil & Gas

The TRILOBITE technology can enable a more efficient separation of particles and phases of fluids from water and other effluents. Cost effective refining systems for ballast water treatment for ships are one targeted segment. Closed fish farming and swimming pools are other possible applications. The technology can remove particles and organisms larger than 10 micrometers from complex fluids, without clogging and with very low pressure loss.



Trilobite also works with novel materials, such as, special processed silicon, SiGeSi quantum well wafers, and special processed SOI, etc., by use of the micro and nano fabrication techniques. Our customers may have their own configuration, design, process etc and we will organize the appropriate fabrication process for the specific tasks